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Quests, GP, and XP

I’ve started framing lots of things based on RPGs recently, and I’ve found a really easy way to think about my goals and actions. Quests, GP, and XP. Quests are attempts to accomplish something that I care about. ¬†They directly … Continue reading

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Know what you’re trying to satisfy

Yesterday I ate waaay more food than I needed to because I felt like eating. Weird thing is, I knew that I was pretty much full. I didn’t want more of any particular food, I just had this lurking idea … Continue reading

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Being a Good Person vs. Doing Good Things

“What is to virtue as hedons are to hedonism?” “Utilons.” For most of my life, I’ve been trying to be a good person. I think that in practice this often turns out to be different than doing good things. When … Continue reading

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