Or Something

Here’s a quick post because I was reading Stepan Parunashvili’s blog and I had an interesting thought that I want to store somewhere.

After a post about why keeping casual problems is important (which they are — either deliver or don’t make them), he said to “write them down on a notepad or something”.

That obviously makes sense.

And I don’t know why, but I’m probably still not going to write down my casual promises on a notepad though.

When I read that, I imagined writing it down on a notepad, but then realized that I totally wouldn’t do that. I imagined putting it into evernote on my cell phone. That seems more likely to actually happen, but I’m still not totally sure that I’ll do that.

Back when I did less, I would read a sentence like that, anchor a thought on the suggested method, see that it made sense and that I didn’t want to do that, then leave.

I think that successful people actually come up with something to fill that “or something” that they’ll actually do.


About atucker

Provisional pronouncements and (hopefully) honest mistakes. I'd like to be differently wrong about things, and helpful to the world.
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