How to Start Paleo and not Miss Junk Food

When I started doing a variant of Paleo dieting, I missed junk food and sweet things. For about a day.

Then I noticed that 85%+ dark chocolate is acceptable. Like, you can basically eat as much of the stuff as you want. I defer my science to the Bulletproof Executive.

So I got a bunch of really dark chocolate, and whenever I wanted a snack, I ate some of that instead. I felt waaay better, and never had to feel guilty about snacks again. I lost a bit of variety, but I got to eat as much chocolate as I wanted in exchange forever.

It’s a bit bitter at first, but as you cut sugar out, you get used to it. I currently find 70% chocolate to be really sweet, and 85% sweet. The rest of your tastes will change too as you adapt, to make your tasty paleo food even more delicious.

One note though: put it in the refrigerator or freezer after you’ve opened it. Might as well.


About atucker

Provisional pronouncements and (hopefully) honest mistakes. I'd like to be differently wrong about things, and helpful to the world.
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One Response to How to Start Paleo and not Miss Junk Food

  1. Jay Bobzin says:

    Although it’s not very healthy, I keep beef jerky around as a nice treat as well. I treat them like most people try to treat cookies.

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