On the Deficit of Meaning

One thing that I dislike about the world right now is the lack of meaning in most things that people do and say.

I don’t mean that in the nihilistic sense — there are lots of incredibly meaningful things that happen and that matter.

What I mean is that most people don’t seem to notice any of that.

People have a tendency of conflating their verbal descriptions of things with the things. They talk about “friendship’ or “peace” or “honesty”, without necessarily knowing or reflecting on what it is.

People create words to describe what they see in the world, but you don’t need to see the thing to use the word


About atucker

Provisional pronouncements and (hopefully) honest mistakes. I'd like to be differently wrong about things, and helpful to the world.
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2 Responses to On the Deficit of Meaning

  1. Jeff says:

    What indicators do you have that make you feel you know whether others know or reflect on the meanings of the words they use? Especially to the point of deciding “most things that people do and say”?

    Do you mean what you’re saying about most of the people you know, or about most of the people in the world, or both?

    If you mean most of the people in the world, then I take back my original question, because I agree that most of the people in the world are morons who do not reflect sufficiently on their actions (if that’s close enough to what you’re saying).

  2. Ian K says:

    Yeah, that’s a real lack of depth that I have observed as well. Yet it is enough for most people to live happily. I am envious of most people for that, but reflecting on the fact that most people are not that happy makes me ambivalent. They want more when they know there is more, but as long as they’re clueless in their group all is good.

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