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This blog is new, and just getting started, so I should introduce myself.

My name is Aaron Tucker. I care about humanity and rationality. When I say rationality I mean in the style of http://www.lesswrong.com. You should go there if you care about thinking.

You can read other stuff about me on my about page.

I think that having an identity is somewhat overrrated, but that will take a while to explain. I’ll talk about it later, but the short version is that thinking things about yourself, and caring about keeping those things true, is vastly overrated by our society. I roughly can’t do anything I don’t think I can do, even if I could actually do it.

Every sequence of motor actions is pretty easy. Finding effective sequences of motor actions is hard, as is resolving to do them. One is hard because of the thinking involved, the other is hard because of the emotions involved.

I care a lot about truth and accuracy, and most importantly discovery. Facts are really useful, and they let us do things in the world. Science is at a point where we have a bunch of really awesome facts at our disposal, but society hasn’t really caught up.

I want more people to use facts in ways that I like, and I want to discover facts about why people don’t do things, and how to help them actually do things.

So yeah. That’s where I’m at right now.

Feel free to email me at aarondtucker [at] gmail.com if you want to talk in more detail.


About atucker

Provisional pronouncements and (hopefully) honest mistakes. I'd like to be differently wrong about things, and helpful to the world.
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